JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—June 1 is not just the start of hurricane season, it's also the time of the year we'll start seeing those afternoon thunderstorms more frequently.

Those storms can cause significant damage. Before it starts, it's time to take a walk around your house and see if any of your trees need to come down - before they come down on your house.

Barry Williams and his crew are very busy this time of year, removing trees that could potentially cause a lot of damage. He says this is the time of year it's easiest to tell if you have a tree that needs to be removed.

"This time of year any color that's not green is honestly the simplest thing to look for because every tree is absolutely in bloom this time of year," says Williams.

Barry's crew removed a pine tree Wednesday before it caused any damage. Mandarin resident John Vodenicker had a tree fall on his house last year when a tornado blew through. After that, he took a closer look at the trees around his house and decided some of them needed to go.

"We had a dead tree over here that we had removed, shortly after the one fell, this one was precariously over the house, and not doing well. And, we knew that had to come out some day. The tree being on our home really motivated us to get rid of it," says Vodenicker.

Williams says you need to pay attention to more than just the dead trees. The live trees can cause damage too.

Once a tree dies, Barry says you usually have 30 to 40 days for a tree climber to physically climb a tree. If it's not accessible with equipment, you might have to spend more money to get rid of it.

"If we get hit in Jacksonville, with the canopy that we have now, it is going to be an absolute nightmare. I guarantee you. With as many old oak trees as we have, we try to protect all that we can and remove as little as possible, in order to protect our trees, we have to take care of the ones that we do have to save," says Williams.

If you do have a dead tree that's in your yard, and you don't take care of it before a storms, and it falls on your neighbors house, your insurance is responsible for covering that.