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Want to fly into Hurricanes for a living? This may be your chance.

The NOAA Hurricane Hunters have posted a job opening for someone who wants to fly in to a hurricane.
Credit: WTLV

WASHINGTON D.C., DC — Does your current job feel a bit stale and you want to try something new? How about being a forecaster that flies into hurricanes? 

The NOAA Hurricane Hunters are looking for a new Meteorologist willing to fly into Hurricanes and gather important meteorological data which helps improve weather forecast on earths most dangerous weather systems. 

Unlike the Airforce Hurricane Hunters this position is open to civilians but you must be a Meteorologist and more importantly willing to fly in to a hurricane. 

Straight off of the job posting:

  • Fieldwork may occur anywhere in the world, under less than adequate living and working conditions.
  • Incumbent serves as a NOAA Air Crewmember on mission flights which may include flights into severe storms. Flying environment may be turbulent.
  • Deployed areas may require exposure to extremes from tropical heat, or sub-zero arctic cold.

Our meteorologist Lew Turner who flew with the Hurricane Hunters in 2012 said, "It is a unnerving, unbelievable almost scary feeling.. It's hours and hours of bouncing up and down side to side, getting coffee while you are literally tilted at a 45 degree angle."

This job may not be for everyone, but there is probably someone out there it is perfect for. On the plus side, every flight provides crucial weather forecasting information that can help save lives. 

Credit: WTLV

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