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Let's make elephant toothpaste! | Science with Speta

A fun experiment you can do at home.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) consists of natural sciences, math and technology related fields. Furthermore, it is something that is important for a growing economy and keeping up with the latest technology and a changing world.

But what is also important is to get people interested in some of the basics of STEM and maybe some ways we can visually see science in action.

One fun experiments you can do at home is making elephant toothpaste. This is called that because it looks like a foam that is large enough to be used as a toothpaste for a elephant.

It is a result e of hydrogen peroxide breaking down quickly into water and oxygen, typically the reaction is very slow over a long period of time but with a catalyst we can make it occur very quickly.

What you need for this experiment is as follows.  

Empty plastic bottle

Dry yeast (found in the baking section of the grocery store)

Warm water

Dish soap

3% hydrogen peroxide

Safety glasses

Large tub or tray to catch the foam

Location for the activity that can tolerate spills

Different-shaped bottles or glasses (optional)

How to do this experiment?

Step 1. Put on safety equipment

Step 2: Put ½ cup of peroxide carefully into the bottle.

Step 3: Add a squirt of dish soap.

Step 4: If you want multiple colors add food coloring

Step 5: Mix one tablespoon of yeast and three tablespoons of warm water and mix.

FINAL STEP. Pour the yeast mixture into the bottle and watch the reaction.

Always remember to be safe when performing these science experiments. If you want to share your final result, please send it to us via the First Coast News Weather Watchers Facebook Page here.

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