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'Maybe something can be done:' Nicole floods several homes on Ken Knight Drive

With yet another hurricane causing flooding, neighbors are wanting to see some action.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Flooding is an issue that folks along Ken Knight Drive deal with almost daily.

Even when there hasn't been a hurricane, puddles line parts of the street and up into the park.

With yet another storm flooding several homes, it has some people feeling more could be done.

"It was pretty high," said Leroy Bradley. "Came all the way up to the last step just before coming in the house. I was fortunate."

Fortunate is the word Bradley uses to describe himself, despite having water fill his yard and flood his driveway.

Because he knows what his neighbors are going through just up the street.

"Maybe dredging could help or building a wall to stop the water from coming in," said Bradley. "That's the only thing I know of."

City Councilman Matt Carlucci says dredging is expensive, would take a lot of permitting and red tape, a lot of time, and could create more problems than it solves, like where to take the potentially toxic material.

He said if the city were to look in to something like that, it'd probably be at some of the tributaries that feed the Ribault River, rather than the river itself.

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While he waits for action, Bradley is grateful the surrounding neighborhood helps each other through each and every storm.

"The people around here kind of join together when there's a crisis," said Bradley. "Gave me their boots so I could walk out and go where I needed to go."

The Jacksonville City Council and FEMA already set aside $5 million to buy homeowners out along Ken Knight Drive to make all this greenspace.

However, Carlucci explained that a lot of the folks living on Ken Knight are renters, and dealing with out of state owners who don't live in the units when they flood and don't want to sell isn't exactly speeding up the process.

On social media, some attention was drawn to the fact that part of San Marco and Ken Knight Drive saw similar flooding from Nicole, yet a temporary pump was brought into San Marco, while the same can't be said about Ken Knight.

Carlucci says some constituents brought the issue up to him, so he reached out to public works.

They said the temporary pump in San Marco was used to push water from one side of the street to the other just to help the drains a bit, where as on Ken Knight Drive, that wouldn't have worked because the Ribault River staging was so high, that it would've just been pushing water around with nowhere to go.


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