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LOCAL WEATHER: The heat will linger as we are thunderstorm free

Thunderstorms return later Friday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — THE WEEK AHEAD: Thursday's forecast high temperature of 96F is the hottest in Jacksonville since September 4, 2020. In 2021, the hottest recorded temperature at KJAX was 95F. However, unlike September of 2020 when the following day hit 97F, the heat this time around will begin to taper off heading into the weekend.

It does look like rain chances will increase area-wide by later Friday from the the south. Stay hydrated and take breaks from the sun if you can do so when working outside. 95% of us will stay dry with only a lone shower developing late into the afternoon across inland areas.

The rain will start to fill in Friday for the evening commute from south to north. Numerous showers and storms will form on Saturday. Sunday may show us more sun before thunderstorms form.

Keep that First Coast News app handy with weather notifications turned on and location enabled to receive any warnings that may come in from time to time.

TROPICS: The National Hurricane Center has resumed its Tropical Outlook Discussions on May 15th. The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1st.

1. As of now, there are no threats to the First Coast within the next 5 days.

2. Our focus, for now, is over Central America and deep across the southern Caribbean. This is a "hot spot" at the beginning of the hurricane season. The good news is our confidence has increased that there will not be any tropical cyclone formation for the next 7 days.

Credit: WTLV
Tropical Hot Spots in June

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RIP CURRENTS: It's always a good idea to talk to the lifeguards and only go out where they can see you. The risk of rip currents always exists, especially around jetties and piers. Have fun, yet play it safe.

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