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LOCAL: Foggy mornings, warm and sunny afternoons through the weekend

Plenty of sunshine for the weekend with above normal temperatures

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — SATURDAY:  A foggy start to Saturday morning on the First Coast as a light west wind transports warm air out of the Gulf over the relatively cooler temperatures on the First Coast creating our advection fog out there.  Expect Saturday afternoon to warm again into the low to mid-70s. 

SUNDAY: Temperatures Sunday will warm into the lower and middle 70s following another round of early morning advection fog. It won't be too chilly either with lows near 50F. Other than an increase in high cloudiness, skies will remain mostly dry with no widespread rain expected.

NEXT WEEK: A series of fronts will set up across the First Coast this upcoming week making for a tricky temperature forecast that will vary across the region depending on if you are north or south of the front.  

Tuesday A cold front will dip south bringing a slight chance of rainfall, behind it another stationary boundary will develop and waver our area this week. Wednesday will be the highest chance of rainfall yet it is still possible Thursday and Friday. 

South of this front the mercury will climb near 80 while to the north across South East Georgia temps mid-week will struggle to get out of the mid 60s. 

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TROPICS: November 30 marked the official end to the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. There are no threats to the U.S. as the basin remains quiet.

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RIP CURRENTS: It's always a good idea to talk to the lifeguards and only go out where they can see you. The risk of rip currents always exists, especially around jetties and piers. Have fun, yet play it safe.

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