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Local Weather | Tropical Depression has formed in the Gulf

Altho the cyclone is intensifying, it will head away from us. It may briefly become a tropical storm .
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What we're tracking:

  • Tropical Depression has formed
  • The cyclone will  move away from us
  • Rip current risk increases again this weekend
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FRIDAY & THIS WEEKEND: The tropical cyclone will move away from us and thus less in the way of showers until  a front blows in Sunday.

RIP CURRENTS: The continued onshore flow and rough seas/surf will increase the rip current risk again this weekend. If you aren't a confident swimmer, either stay out of the water or swim near a lifeguard. You may want to only go waist deep if you do venture out!

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TROPICS: The National Hurricane Center began its regular tropical outlooks on Monday, May 15 at 8:00 a.m. New this season, the organization will be issuing 7-day outlooks versus 5-day outlooks on top of their 48-hour forecasts. There are no tropical threats at this time. The official start of the Atlantic hurricane season is June 1 and it runs through November 30.

The two numbers given in the tropical outlook are the chance of at least a tropical depression forming in the next 48 hours through the next 7 days.

Once a low becomes at least a depression, or its imminent, the forecast cone is issued.The cone extends out 5 days. The cone paints the forecast track and possible errors in the forecast track of the vortex,not all of the cyclones impacts.


First Coast News Weather Watchers - Thank you for your photos and videos reporting weather conditions around the area. If you aren't a part of the group, you can ask to join here. We love sharing your pictures in our weathercasts! You are our eyes and ears across the region, after all.


Here's something to make you smile - and you might even learn a new tune, too! Two-and-a-half-year-old August sings "What's the Weather" and what Meteorologist Lauren Rautenkranz is now deeming as her "walk up song" before weathercasts. Thanks for sharing your grandson with us, Robyn!

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