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American Red Cross, TxDOT brace for Hurricane Nicholas

Local and state emergency agencies are preparing for Nicholas as it makes its way into the Texas coast.

TYLER, Texas — Local and state emergency agencies are preparing for Hurricane Nicholas as it makes its way into Texas.  

The American Red Cross of Smith County is encouraging people to have a plan in place for the risk of potential wind and flood damages.

"Tropical storms can be just as harmful and deadly as a hurricane can be and it's not the wind damage, it's the water damage,” said Tammy Prater, Executive Director of the American Red Cross Serving East Texas. 

The American Red Cross serving East Texas is preparing for the storm's potential impact.  

"Anytime we have a system spin up in the Gulf, like this one has done, we start looking at our supplies, we start looking at our volunteers, and we start talking to our partners," Prater added. 

The agency is still looking into becoming a shelter-in-place if needed for evacuees across the state. 

"If there is a need for sheltering in East Texas, and if our government partners want people to come here, then we will accept evacuees,” said Prater. 

Other state agencies like TxDOT are also taking necessary safety measures for Nicholas and the potential threat it poses to east texas counties. 

"Today we are taking extra steps to monitor our problematic areas that are prone to flooding. We are checking those we are cleaning out ditches that we know will hold a lot of water,” said Rhonda Oaks, Public Information Officer for the Lufkin District. 

Oaks also says to stay alert of rising water due to excessive rain. 

"We're monitoring our signs, checking our signal lights, making sure everything's ready to go should anyone need to move around, however, where we're advising people they don't need to drive during a heavy storm event,” said Oaks

TxDOT is also reminding everyone "to turn around, don't drown" because of the danger of flooded roads.

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