JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The major power outage that left Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the dark for several hours has many wondering if Jacksonville International Airport (JIA) could experience the same issue.

The 11-hour power outage on Sunday grounded hundreds of flights and impacted thousands of passengers, including many folks trying to get back to Jacksonville.

"Got stuck 13 hours in Amsterdam because we couldn't fly out to Atlanta, then we got rescheduled altogether," said Henrietta Nielson, who was supposed to fly from Sweden to Jacksonville.

According to officials, a fire at an underground substation caused the outage. Like in Atlanta, both power feeds are located in the same substation at JIA.

"If there was a fire similar to what happened or an other catastrophic thing that took out or damaged the substation, it could possibly impact both our power feeds," said a spokesperson with JIA.

The spokesperson also told First Coast News JIA is ready for an emergency. The airport has 16 backup generators.

The generators would ensure that the critical functions of the airport would be maintained, including basic functions like powering the security checkpoint, lighting the runway to even providing power to the Federal Aviation Authority's control tower, she said.