The St. Johns River Ferry is expected to be back up and running Friday at 6 a.m. after temporarily being removed from service for repairs to its propeller system.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority announced Wednesday that the river ferry will be returning to Mayport village on Thursday afternoon. This news comes after it sustained damage from a submerged rope that got entangled in the propellers on July 25.

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As the ferry was docking at the Fort George station, the operations team noticed an unusual noise. The ferry was then docked at the Mayport station for further inspection.

The Ferry was pulled out of the water and dry-docked at BAE Systems Ship Repair on July 30 due to the damage caused by the rope, which JTA says was about six or seven inches in diameter.

Repairs were completed in just over a week and pending a final inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard, the Ferry is scheduled to resume operation on Friday.

A spokesperson for JTA said that as of the end of June, 263,057 people had used the ferry, along with 146,335 vehicles since the beginning of the year.

The St. Johns River Ferry connects the north and south ends of Florida State Road A1A in Duval County and links Mayport Village and Fort George Island via a 0.9-mile voyage across the St. Johns River.

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