Neighbors on the westside of Jacksonville are looking for answers after they say they’ve been dodging a pothole expanding on their street for months and no one has been out to fix the issue.

Neighbors tell First Coast News the city came out and drew a yellow circle around the hole, but that’s been it.

For those that live along LeBois Drive, the traffic is minor, the hole, almost smack in the middle, is not. 

They’ve been looking for a fix and fill since August.

The cone that sits there now was actually put there by a neighbor, before the barricade by the city.

Neighbors emailed Jacksonville asking them to come out and fix the hole as they’ve done in the area before.

The city referred the case to Normandy Village Utility Company saying it could be a breach in their sewage system.

That was in October. 

Weeks later, a car smashed into the barricade sending it almost into a neighbor’s mailbox.

In January, the city passed the issue along to Normandy Village Utilities manager to resolve, but the hole still sits unfilled.

“It should be taken care of, Normandy Village Utility, they want their money every month, so it should be taken care of,"  said Shamicka Thomas. "It shouldn’t be six months, a year, two years, and then the next thing you know the whole road is blocked off because now you got to tear the whole road up to fix it." 

We reached out to both the city and utility company but both were closed for the holiday and did not get back for comment.