JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It is one of the city's busiest and most confusing intersections, Interstate 295 and Old St. Augustine Road.

"A tragedy waiting to happen," John Base said.

Base drives the intersection often and even he says that it is dangerous.

"My daughter was almost hit head on the other night and I've been [in a similar situation] there multiple times as well," he said.  

His daughter captured cellphone footage of what the essence of the problem is as an oncoming truck swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle.

At the center of the issue is the traffic light system. When vehicles are leaving the interstate, both north and southbound lanes come to a stop at a traffic light at the ramps.

The light changes at the same time giving both sides the go-ahead, but when they reach the middle of the wide intersection it becomes confusing as to whether the driver is in the correct lane.

"I've reached out to JSO, the traffic division, literally everybody," Base said.

On Your Side checked the crash history for the area. 

We found from Jan. 1 of this year to April 18 there have been 32 crashes involving 66 vehicles. 

Those crashes resulted in 13 injuries and not all of the accidents happened directly in the intersection.

Traffic engineers recently placed a 'Keep Left' sign in the intersection but it is easy to miss, especially if driving while distracted.

"Even in my truck it is hard to see it," Base said. " The solution is one light at a time. Change one light at a time so that one lane goes and then start the other." 

Doing this may delay traffic by a few minutes, but he is convinced that it will save lives.

On Your Side reached out to city engineers to check the history of the intersection and to see if the lights are properly timed.

The city has yet to respond. 

"There's gonna be somebody dead there if they don't do something about it," Base said.