CLAY COUNTY — A widening project on Blanding Boulevard will convert the road from four lanes to six lanes in between Allie Murray Road and Long Bay Road.

FDOT says the $18 million project will also add 4-foot bike lanes in both directions, replace traffic signals, add street lights and build a new drainage system.

Some people say they are not thrilled about construction, but they believe this will help congestion on the stretch of Blanding Boulevard and it may help the town continue to grow.

Joanne Wasiela says it can be a pain getting to and from work.

“Most of the time I’m stuck in traffic,” Wasiela said.

Wasiela says she’s not looking forward to dealing with construction while driving on Blanding Boulevard.

“That’s going to be a pain but if it helps make the commute easier, I’m all for it,” Wasiela said.

The project will go on despite some opposition from Jan Lanning, the owner of Middleburg Martial Arts.

“I think it’s going to be inconvenient for my clients," Lanning said. "They have no access heading towards Orange Park and there’s no access for my people so they will have to turn around and come back the other way."

Two years of construction from Allie Murray road to Long Bay road may cause a headache.

But some people feel it’s vital to keep up with how fast Middleburg is growing.

“We have a lot of neighborhoods being built in that area, Middleburg is not that little town where you blink your eyes and you’re gone and through. So we need the widening of the road, we definitely need the infrastructure," she said.

If anyone has questions about the construction on the road, they can get answers at a meeting held on Dec. 10 at the Middleburg Civic Center at 2102 Palmetto St from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 pm.