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Here's why gas prices are down in Jacksonville, Florida, Georgia

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Jacksonville is now $4.12, according to GasBuddy. That's 21.4 cents lower than last week.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Gas prices are falling in Jacksonville and across Florida.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Jacksonville is now $4.12, according to GasBuddy. That's 21.4 cents lower than last week, but 66.3 cents higher than a month ago and $1.25 higher than a year ago.

The cheapest station in Jacksonville was priced at $3.87 per gallon as of Sunday, with the highest price coming in at $4.59, according to GasBuddy.

Across Florida, the price of a gallon of gas has dropped 20 cents in the last nine days, AAA reports. That comes after the price of oil suffered steep losses last week, allowing the price of gas to drop after reaching record highs earlier this month.

The state average price of gas has seen nine consecutive days of declines, according to AAA. On Sunday, the average cost in Florida was $4.18 per gallon.

As the price of crude oil continues to drop, that could mean more savings at the pump. But, there are no guarantees as the oil market remains volatile, with big swings in both directions over the last few weeks, according to AAA.

"Last weekend, oil prices dropped on demand concerns regarding a COVID outbreak in China, which resulted in lockdowns," AAA Spokesman Mark Jenkins said in a news release. "By the end of the week, oil prices charged higher again as global crude supply concerns -- regarding the fallout from the Russia-Ukraine conflict -- moved back to the forefront. Fortunately, oil prices are well below the high we saw more than a week ago. This should enable gas prices to slip lower this week, unless oil suddenly spikes again."

In Georgia, drivers are paying less at the pump compared to a week ago, an average of $4.14 per gallon according to AAA. That's 15 cents less than a week ago, 77 cents more than last month and $1.40 more than this time last year, AAA says.

See below for a list of fuel- and money-saving tips from AAA.

Money-Saving tips:

  • Shop around for gas prices. Drivers can check area gas prices on the AAA Mobile App.
  • Consider paying in cash vs. credit card. Some retailers charge extra per gallon for customers who pay with a credit card.
  • Enroll in fuel savings programs. AAA Members who enroll in Shell’s Fuel Rewards program can save 30 cents per gallon on their first fill-up and 5 cents per gallon on each additional fill-up. Click here for more information.

Fuel-Saving tips:

  • Maintain your vehicle to ensure optimal fuel economy. Find a trusted automotive facility at AAA.com/AutoRepair.
  • Combine errands to limit driving time.
  • Slow down. Fuel economy diminishes significantly at highway speeds above 50 mph.
  • Drive conservatively and avoid aggressive driving. Aggressive acceleration and speeding reduces fuel economy.
  • Remove excess weight in your vehicle.

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