Already out of ideas of what to do this summer? Download the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s app, ‘Outdoor Florida’ to find activities all over the state. 

Outdoor Florida allows for inexpensive fun while promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

The app offers users the option to choose what public recreational opportunities they are interested in and then locates the nearest options. 

Categories include:

  • Beaches & Swimming Pools
  • Boating, Fishing, & Hunting
  • Sport Fields, Courses & Courts
  • Education & History
  • Camping & Amenities 
  • Trail

How to use the app

Outdoor Florida is easy to use, so you can be having fun in no time. 

Simply, open the app and the main explore page will be displayed. By using your location, the app will mark the recreational activities closest to you. (Make sure your location services are turned on for this to work properly.)

Outdoor app 1
The Explore page of the Outdoor Florida app allows you to see all the recreational activities available near your location.
Caroline Webb

To narrow your results, click the activities button on the bottom left of the screen. Choose a category. Select your favorite recreational activities and search. 

Outdoor app 2
On the Activities page, various recreational options to search are available.
Caroline Webb

Tap on any of the orange markers to learn more about that location. Here you will find all the activities at that site, such as biking, trails, fishing, etc. If available, each place will also have its website, directions to the site and its location attached. 

Outdoor app 3
Moccasin Slough is one example of the many recreational places for Floridians to enjoy.
Caroline Webb

Once you find what you're looking for, get off your phone and enjoy the great outdoors!

Outdoor Florida is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

*For a closer look on how to use Outdoor Florida, watch the video above.