"[It shows that] Trinity not scared of nobody," smiled senior defensive back Miles Brooks. 

And everybody should be scared of Trinity. 

Coming off a 13-1 campaign and despite losing several stars to graduation, the Conquerors are once again expected to dominate the high school gridiron this fall. 

But 2019 comes with a twist: Trinity Christian is returning to Class 3A. Classes 1A through 4A do not have a "district format." Teams are divided into regions, and the teams with the highest "strength of schedule" within those regions advances to the playoffs. 

That means it's on the head coaches of those smaller schools to schedule all 10 opponents on the regular season calendar. That's where Trinity Christian ran into some problems. 

"To have been as fortunate as we've been to be successful, it's hard to find people to play," explained 29-year head coach Verlon Dorminey. 

And so Trinity Christian will travel to Miami, Tallahassee and even Georgia -- just to "have a chance" at a playoff spot, Dorminey explained. All 10 teams were playoff contenders in 2018. 

Using the FHSAA's playoff format for 2019, a team's playoff projection is based on their strength of schedule, multiplied by their opponents' strength of schedule, multiplied their opponents' opponents strength of schedule. 

Although they'll rack up more than 400 travel miles -- easily the most of any team in Northeast Florida -- Dorminey likes his team's chances and the new obstacle standing in the Conqueror's way. 

"If we go 5-5 in the regular season? Our kids will have played against the best talent around," he said.