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'Everybody thinks his name is Tony Boselli, but it's not': Behind-the-scenes with the Boselli family

The Jaguars' first draft pick from back in 1995 is now the Jaguars' first inductee in the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame. His family shares some good stories.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — She's the youngest of Tony and Ansli Boselli's five children. For most of our interview, she smiled and didn't chatter much. 

She was polite enough to wait for her turn.

Then, when she got the microphone, Ansli Boselli, who's turning 13, lit up with some spunky stories about her dad.

"Everybody thinks his name is Tony Boselli, but it's not," Ansli says. "His name is actually Don Bosco Anthony Boselli."

Turns out, according to his daughters, Tony didn't know for 40 years that he had that extra middle name.

He had to get a birth certificate for his passport, and so he called his mom. Ansli says, his mother told him, "Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you that you have another middle name." 

Credit: Tony Boselli and daughter, Ansli / Boselli family

But it's not just that fun story about his name that gets the girls talking and smiling.  Just ask them about their dad's jersey number, #71.

They say to them #71 seems to pop up everywhere. It could be on football items "or like gas pumps or table numbers, 71, it's always 71." 

It's a special number to them, no doubt. 

Credit: #71 Tony Boselli Jaguars Historical Photos

And then there's this sentimental story. Tony and Angi, known for their faith, thought they were alone one night. The girls were supposed to be in bed asleep. 

It was when Angi was pregnant with Ansli.  

"My mom was on a dining room chair, and my dad had his hand on my Mom's stomach, praying over Ansli," his daughter says. It's something the girls will never forget. Just one more testament to their dad's real faith, they say.

Credit: Angi Boselli, near the time of her youngest child's birth

The girls talk about their dad's integrity and his lesson to them to "love big." They say telling how much they love their dad is impossible.  

There aren't words; he set the bar high.

Credit: Tony Boselli and his two oldest daughters / Boselli Family

They all say they are "incredibly proud" to see their dad be voted into the Hall of Fame. The entire family will be in Canton, Ohio to watch the induction ceremony.

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