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'Oh no, that's embarrassing:' The one thing Tony Boselli can't do

Now that a Jacksonville Jaguar will forever be a name in the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, it's time to get to know Tony Boselli off the field.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Tony and Angi Boselli have five children, all homeschooled, all full of funny and sweet stories about their family.

Adam, age 23, says, "My dad would always joke that every good thing about us kids comes from him." 

It's obvious the children get along.  You can't fake the type of camaraderie they show standing together and chatting about their dad.

They love to tease.  

We asked if Tony Boselli can sing, they answer simultaneously, "Oh, no. That's embarrassing. No." 

The girls describe it along the lines of "a dead rat," as they chuckle about their dad singing in church. 

Credit: Alexis, Ashli, and Tony Boselli

But it's all in good fun.

The two oldest girls, Ashli and Alexis, now both at the University of Florida, remember how their dad never missed their competitive cheerleading competitions. He was broadcasting Jaguar games, and he'd have to fly from the cheerleading cities to the game cities.  

Despite the crazy schedule, he was there when both girls won a world championship.  

"It's one of the very few times I've seen my dad cry,' his daughter says.

Credit: Tony Boselli and some of his family

The girls talk about a trip to Italy, when they saw the Coliseum. They say everywhere they went their dad would bond with the Italian people, especially when he could get lasagna. 

Andrew says he's so happy to see his dad get into the Hall of Fame. "I couldn't be more proud," he says. 

Credit: Ansli and her dad, Tony Boselli

Ansli, the youngest Boselli child, just turned 13.  A vivacious girl, like her sisters, she says, "Dad, congratulations!  I always knew you were a Hall of Famer. I'm happy the rest of the world is seeing what I've always seen."

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