Dean Walker and his staff at the Olympic Channel based in Denver are right in the middle of a very busy time of the year.

“Everyone is full speed ahead,” said Walker.

The staff of some 30 people are always full speed ahead when it comes to the Olympics because ever since they launched the channel in July, they have been covering winter and summer Olympic sports every day.

“The Olympic Channel covers about 37 different sports between winter and summer,” said Walker.

It’s year-round Olympic coverage with the goal of showing people that Olympic athletes compete all the time.

“These athletes don’t just compete once every four years, they have regular seasons just like baseball, football and basketball, and so to really get people more familiar worldwide and every single year is the purpose of the Olympic Channel,” said Walker.

Using their worldwide connections, they show competitions and rare moments with athletes.

During the 2018 Olympics – with its record winter athletes and events – the Olympic Channel will show what’s coming up and what happened.

“It will be a challenge to keep track of where everything is,” said Walker.

It's a big job for Walker and Olympic Channel staff who say it takes an Olympic-sized effort to keep up with the Olympics year round.

“It’s been a work of love – a lot of blood sweat and tears,” said Walker.