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Adam Rippon finishes in third after nearly flawless skate, social media outraged by scoring

Adam Rippon made his PyeongChang debut on Sunday with a nearly flawless routine in the men's free skate, part of the figure skating team event.

Rippon didn't fall once, and he only lost points because of an under rotation on one of his elements.

Rippon's score was 172.98. That put him in second place behind OAR's Mikhail Kolyada. Eventually, he was bumped to third place as Canada's Patrick Chan put up a score of 179.75 after completing a difficult routine that included a successful quad-toe followed by a triple-toe.

Rippon's routine was graceful and left commentators Jonny Weir and Tara Lipinski speechless. When his score was revealed, Weir said he was "taken aback" by his low score.

Rippon was just thrilled to make his debut and help the U.S. move towards a medal in the team event.

"Today was so special. So much fun," Rippon said to NBC's Andrea Joyce.

"I said, 'You know what, this is my opportunity to get my feet underneath me on Olympic ice.' But more than that, it's to get team usa that medal."

After the men's free skate, the U.S. is in third place with two more events to take place later on Sunday.

Social media felt Rippon was robbed. But figure skating's scoring system rewards difficulty.

Rippon did not try any quadruple jumps while Kolyada and Chan did. While they received deductions for falling, it still helped them get a higher score than Rippon.