If you’re an avid viewer of figure skating, you probably noticed the difference this year.

The performances are still incredible, and can still leave you speechless. But the difference this year is something you can put into words.

Lyrics, to be exact.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are the first Olympic games to allow lyrics in figure skating music, according to NBC Olympics.

So far, it hasn't disappointed.

We heard Beyoncé's "Halo," and "Run the World (Girls)" on Saturday. French figure skater Maé Bérénice Méité did fall during her performance, but as the NBC commentator hilariously said, "Whenever you bring Beyoncé to the Olympics, it helps."

Another performance that got a lot of reaction was Germany’s Paul Fentz's performance to a Jazz rendition of Oasis' "Wonderwall."

The competition continues Sunday night at 7pm ET on NBC and streaming here.