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Average Guy Does Olympics: Lew does the long jump

We continue our quest to see how the average stacks up against the best. Today we're trying long jump.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — One of the longest running world records in track and field is held by long jumper Mike Powell.

For 30 years, Powell has held he record with a just of 8.95 meters, which is just shy of 30 feet. 

"They explode off the board, and they have phenomenal technique in the air," said Creekside High track and field head coach Ricky Fields. 

He said it's all about the speed getting to the board and launching yourself into the sand.

For Powell, the best to ever do it, it almost looked like he was walking through the air.

For the average guy though, Fields has some sobering expectations. 

"Average guy off the street," he said. "He's probably going to jump 15 or 16 feet."

That would be half of the world record, which was actually a little ambitious and, frankly, too nice of a prediction for our average guy: Lew Turner. 

After two attempts at the long jump, Coach Fields mercifully measured Turner's best jump at 13 feet.

"It's an extremely technical event and you have to have really good running mechanics to start."

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