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Average Guy Does Olympics: Lewis tries pole vault

The one sport that couldn't possibly be done by the average guy gets done by the average guy, thanks to coaching.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It's not every day you get to try pole-vaulting.

Jacksonville based pole vault coach Jason Dean saw some of these 'average guy' segments being done by First Coast News and sent a tweet to Lew Turner, essentially saying, "hey, come give pole vault a try."

The sport, which involves sprinting and shoving a pole in the ground to hurl yourself over a bar as high as 20-feet tall, seemed daunting to our average guy.

But Dean, who pole vaulted at Florida State, coaches at Bartram Trail and has his own training facility for pole vaulters in his backyard, assured Turner that it could be done. 

"The number one goal here is safety," Dean said from his Florida Pole Vault Factory. "Lots of kids don't know how to jump."

So he formed his own vaulting club and teaches kids of all ages and experience levels the sport. 

Check out Florida Pole Vault Factory by clicking here for more information on all the Coach Jason Dean does with potential pole vaulters, and how it is actually very safe.

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