Playoff games in the Class A-Public high school baseball division are suspended until the courts decide if the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) went out of bounds handing out wins and losses.

"Because of a legal injunction placed on the GHSA Wednesday, all Class A-Public second round baseball series were suspended," reads a statement by the GHSA.

The GHSA finds itself at odds with the Charlton County School District, which claims it violated policy when it stripped the Charlton County High School baseball team of a win.

"We believe this dispute is not about baseball; it is not about balls and strikes, or who won a game," said John Lairsey, superintendent. "It is about whether the governing body of interscholastic competition in the State of Georgia, charged with promoting and modeling fairness and honesty to our students, is accountable to its members or if it is a totally lawless organization."

It all started when a pitcher for Charlton County exceeded the two-day pitch count March 10.

"By two pitches," Lairsey said.

Lairsey called it an accident and tells First Coast News the school self-reported the violation to the GHSA, which in turn gave the team a warning.

No other schools appealed, and the regular season ended, Lairsey said.

On April 23, Irwin County appealed playoffs the baseball power ratings, according to court documents provided by the Charlton County school district's attorney.

It says the GHSA took the win away from Charlton County, but the district claims the seven-day window to appeal the pitch-count loss passed weeks before.

Judge Andrew Spivey of the Charlton County Superior Court agreed.

"Additionally, the GHSA shall be required to play the remaining games as scheduled on May 3, 2018," the order reads.

Thursday came and went without any baseball games. GHSA says it is appealing the decision in the court of appeals.

"The GHSA has just been advised by our attorney that a ruling from the Georgia Court of Appeals will most likely not be rendered until sometime tomorrow, Friday," the GHSA posted on its website. "In fairness to the schools who will be traveling and require lodging, we are postponing the Class A-Public opening series games of the second round until Monday & Tuesday, May 7 & 8. This adjustment will cause the third round to be moved to Friday & Saturday, May 11 & 12. We hope to have this matter finalized as soon as possible, but we need to plan for the delays this matter has created. Please check the GHSA website frequently during the next few days for any updates as we receive them."