PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Teal is sweeping the Steel City as Jaguars fans make their way up north for the big playoff game against the Steelers on Sunday. Fans who arrived early are using the opportunity to get a taste of the city.

Decked out in their Jaguars gear, Major Trent Johnson and his wife Roseland got off the plane from Jacksonville and went straight to Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh's Strip District to try their world-famous sandwich. It includes a grilled steak patty, coleslaw, French fries, tomatoes and provolone.

"This is what I've been waiting for," Trent Johnson said. "I don't know, just attack it? We are going to attack. Oh my gosh this is beautiful!"

Primanti Brothers has been open for 24 hours since 1933. For 85 years, they've been making the sandwiches this way, with fries tucked inside.

"Because the Strip District is a produce and fish and meat yard," said Amy Smith with Primanti Brothers. "So back in the day, they put everything on the sandwich so the truckers could grab it and go."

Whether you're a Steelers fan or a Jaguars fan, you'll soon be a fan of Primanti Brothers, she said!

Trent Johnson is a senior Air Force ROTC instructor at Andrew Jackson High School. His wife, Roseland, is a kindergarten teacher at Biscayne Elementary School. They said they missed the Jaguars last playoff game, but they weren't about to miss this one.

"We can't wait for the game this weekend. We know Pittsburgh is going to be tough but we are tougher," he said. "We are going to be great ambassadors for the city of Jacksonville and Duval. 'Duuuuuvaaal!'"