Jaguar fans are looking for a win this week after two preseason losses to the Philidelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens.

This week the Jags will take on the Miami Dolphins in Miami, a matchup that has Floridians excited.

Not only is it a great matchup, but Jaguars fans will finally be able to see Nick Foles and the rest of the starting lineup on the field. There's no word on how long Foles will play for, but we can certainly expect to see a small glimpse of how this quarterback will perform during the regular season.

"Just like you guys, I'm just anxious and curious and see what we're doing well," Head Coch Doug Marrone said in a press conference."...there will probably a lot of things we're going still need to work on."

It's also important to note that although the Jaguars didn't score a touchdown in the first half of the Eagles matchup, the offense did take steps in the right direction following their first preseason shutout loss to the Ravens.

We'll see if the offense can keep up the momentum on Thursday night in the 305.

Chris Porter's Top 3 Reasons to Watch

  • See how well the $88-million-dolar man, Nick Foles, does against a defense other than his own
  • See other starters and take not of how long they get to play
  • Watch linebacker and secondary positions, safety in particular

KICKOFF: 8 p.m.

RECAP BLOG: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Philadelphia Eagles


FINAL SCORE: Dolphins 22, Jaguars 7

Halftime score: Jaguars 7, Dolphins 6