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Just in time: Jaguars' punter Logan Cooke, wife welcomed newborn son earlier this week

The Jaguars' stand-out punter reveals he would've skipped the team's trip to London if his son had not arrived before Thursday's flight

As a punter, timing is everything.

For Jaguars' punter Logan Cooke, the timing of the birth of his son, Cooper, was perfect.

"We actually went in pretty much right after the [Titans] game, Sunday night," the fourth-year punter explained after practice Thursday, already back at work. "So, it worked out. Timing on everything was good."

After all, with the Jaguars scheduled to fly to London Thursday, October 14, there was a chance the timing wouldn't have worked out. If Cooper Jack Cooke hadn't arrived before Thursday, Logan Cooke was not getting on the Jaguars' team plane. Considering Cooke is averaging 49.8 yards per punt, good for fifth in the National Football League, his absence might've spelled trouble for the Jaguars.

But for Cooke, there was never any question. 

"You have faith, family, and football. That's how they line up," Cooke said. "If [Mary] didn't deliver before we went to London, that was the plan: to stay here. Coach Meyer and everybody -- we were on the same page. That helped knowing they were with it."

The contingency plan never came to pass. Cooke was in the delivery room, Sunday into Monday, as his wife, Mary, delivered Cooper. 

"Watching [Cooper] take his first breathe? It's an unbelievable, God moment," Cooke smiled, noting he was taking "all the pictures" throughout the journey. "Super eye-opening to see her go through it, too. Now I have way more respect for my mom, all moms, and especially her."

But now comes the first, tough moment of fatherhood for Cooke: leaving Cooper and Mary as he heads across the pond.

"It's terrible. I'm about to run back for an hour now when I get done talking to you [reporters]. And tell her goodbye. I'm sure one of us will cry a little bit," he smiled. "And then, head to London."