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Jaguars Preview: Colts come to town

Are the Colts out for revenge in the return to Jacksonville?

If memory serves you correctly you know that the Jaguars defeated the Colts 38-20 in Jacksonville to finish off a disappointing season in 2019. Unfortunately if that same memory serves you right you know that the Colts new quarterback Philip Rivers put a hurting on the Big Cats in early December when the Chargers won 45-10. 

This game will look different with Philip in royal blue and the Jaguars missing many pieces to the defense. But as you can watch in the video attached above the biggest story line may come from the Jaguars backfield. How will the rookie James Robinson look?

He said that his patience and vision are his two strongest attributes, time will tell Sunday afternoon if that is the case. Two rivals, two new faces sure to spark a scene on the First Coast during this weeks opener.