With the offseason underway, the Jaguars have plenty of tough decisions to make. Throughout our daily "Roster Reconstruction" series, we'll take a look at those key decisions at every position. Today, we'll focus on special teams.

Editor's Note: This series only features players who were on the active roster or injured reserve last season. Future/reserve players will not be included in this series.

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Josh Lambo

Outlook: Lambo was efficient during his debut season with the Jaguars. He missed just one of his 24 field goal attempts (including the postseason).

Lambo provided the stability that his predecessor, Jason Myers, failed to establish. Lambo should be the Jaguars' kicker next season and beyond.

Kaye's Take (Staying or Going?): Lambo is a lock to return to Jacksonville for his first offseason on the First Coast.

Will he face competition after coming in as a mid-season replacement? I think the Jaguars will subscribe to what they did last offseason with Myers. They won't look for competition for Lambo because he can handle the practice load.

Brad Nortman

Outlook: While folks will harp on Nortman's final punt of the playoffs against the New England Patriots, the veteran punter did provide a massive boost in several games throughout the season. His work against the Buffalo Bills in the wild-card round kept the game as close as it was, allowing for the Jaguars to control the field.

With that said, he's a pretty pricey punter entering the third year of his contract and the Jaguars could save $2.13 million by cutting him this offseason, according to OverTheCap.com. Special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis is also known for bringing in younger specialists to compete and/or take over for veterans.

Kaye's Take (Staying or Going?): I'm going to side with history here and lean toward Nortman playing elsewhere next season. The combination of a pricey deal and a coordinator who likes to switch things up with hand-picked players makes Nortman's future cloudy in Jacksonville. I'd expect the team to ask him to renegotiate his deal prior to releasing him outright. At the very least, Nortman will have competition this offseason.

Carson Tinker

Outlook: Tinker signed a four-year extension with the Jaguars in 2015. He is set to make just $825,000 after returning from an ACL tear in his right knee. He is cost-effective, consistent and only 28, so there are no on-the-surface reasons to move on from him at this point.

Kaye's Take (Staying or Going?): The Jaguars organization thinks very highly of Tinker. He traveled with the team during the playoffs and was constantly seen in the locker room during the regular season. He is a team-first guy who costs very little. While some may think the position is easy to replace, Tinker isn't just a long snapper to his teammates. He is also a leader.

Cutting a well-regarded influencer in the locker room to save $825,000 on the salary cap would be a ridiculous move for a franchise that has targeted "character" guys under the new regime. He should be able to return to form during the offseason program. The Jaguars will have Colin Holba around in case Tinker isn't up to par regarding his health.

Colin Holba

Outlook: If you're confused about who this guy is, you're probably not alone. The Jaguars' third long snapper from last season did such a good job that no one really even noticed him.

At one point during the AFC Championship Game, I turned to a fellow beat writer and asked "Has anyone written the Colin Holba story?" and received a blank stare in return. I think that was the first time I uttered the man's name out loud. That's a great sign for a young long snapper.

Kaye's Take (Staying or Going?): Holba played in 10 games for the Jaguars after replacing Matt Overton at long snapper. He was pretty solid throughout his initial run with the Jaguars. He could be solid insurance for Tinker if the veteran's injury lingers or impacts his game. I would expect him to be back for the offseason program.

Matt Overton

Outlook: When Tinker went down during a training camp drill about two yards in front of me, I expected the Jaguars to launch an American Idol-like search for his replacement. Instead, they decided to just bring in former Indianapolis Colts long snapper Matt Overton the next day. Overton played in nine games for the Jaguars before he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.

Kaye's Take (Staying or Going?): It appears Matt's tenure with the Jaguars is likely over(ton). He is set to become a free agent in March and the Jaguars already have Holba and Tinker on the roster.

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