The Jaguars are two practices into organized team activities and we have already learned quite a bit about several changes being made this summer.

However, with confirmation of more change comes even more questions. Luckily, we have the #JaguarsMailbag to answer said quandaries.

Below we answer some of the fanbase's questions regarding the linebacker position, the defensive line and special teams:

@5_jagsfans asks: Why is Jason Myers still around?

Mike Kaye: Well, for one, have you seen the kicker market? It was never very good to begin with and the fact that Justin Tucker got franchise tagged by the Ravens made it remarkably worse. That said, I am a big believer in forcing second year players to compete for jobs. There is a history of very strong dropoffs for second year players, especially at kicker as of late.

Myers had a rough go of it when it came to the new extra point rules last year but finished strong with field goals. He made his last 12 field goals attempts and was 18-of-19 on attempts after Week 4. While every point does matter, field goals are more important in the long run in the NFL.

That said, competition is key. If you're going to add competition for the likes of Aaron Colvin, Johnathan Cyprien and Luke Joeckel, you should add some insurance for Myers. Maybe that costs you the 10th wide receiver on the offseason roster or even the 12th offensive lineman, but I'm not sure how you can be fully-invested in a guy who had a glaring hole in his game last year.

Myers should win the job and almost definitely will, even with added competition, but the purpose of the extra body is to add urgency and focus to the position. Camp legs can be useful, believe or not.

@KMJags asks: Where will we see Myles Jack work with Dan Skuta, Paul Posluszny and Telvin Smith being established starters?

MK: Right off the bat, I think he will be the ultimate defensive weapon in nickel and dime coverage. While some have yet to accept it, nickel is now pretty much the base look in the NFL. Jack had elite coverage ability in college and can handle playing the run in space. I think you will see him partner with Telvin Smith in nickel and perhaps serve as a safety to get three linebackers on the field at once. I'm not really sure there is a wrong way to use Jack in nickel or dime coverage.

I think with Jack missing half the offseason program and him not having to deal with contact in nearly a year, it is smart to bring him along slowly. Find Jack a role and let him excel, gain confidence and make plays, then worry about his long-term home.

@ThatStatBoy asks: Who are the starting linebackers on the first play of the Green Bay game?

MK: If they start in nickel, which they might (it's the Packers, remember?), I think it'll be Smith and Jack. Otherwise, in base it will be Smith, Posluzsny and (drum roll) Ryan Davis (audible gasp).

@redcapevillian asks: How many 3T DTs do you think the team will keep and who do you think they will be?

MK: I think what is interesting about the three technique position on the Jaguars is that most of the players playing that spot are versatile. Malik Jackson can play there and strongside defensive end, same with Tyson Alualu and Sheldon Day (who can also play nose tackle). The interesting guy in this whole group is actually Mike Bennett. I also think Sen'Derrick Marks is in an interesting position.

Marks is missing all of OTAs as a precaution, according to Gus Bradley. He's also pretty much a three technique and that's roughly his entire role, a role that he plays very well. He's coming off back-to-back season-ending injuries and will likely have his snaps cut in half by the addition of Jackson.

With Bennett, it's a matter of him upstaging Alualu in my opinion. Those would seemingly be the two guys most likely to duke it out for a spot. I think Jackson, Marks and Day are locks to be on the roster. I think there is room for both Alualu and Bennett on the roster but it is a matter of what the team like at other positions and how they can string along versatility on the line. Can Bennett play anywhere else? Does Alualu have trade value? What injuries are present at the start of the year?

I will go with four three techniques will make the roster as it stands right now. I think Jackson, Marks, Day and Bennett would be an intriguing group of present, past and future.

@NotAKop asks: Who do you see as a possible surprise cut when the roster trimming begins?

MK: As noted above, I think Tyson Alualu has his work cut out for him. I'm not sure if Dwayne Gratz or Demetrius McCray (who I've been impressed with in the first two days of OTAs) would be surprise cuts, but they are facing tough battles as well.

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