PITTSBURGH, Pennslyvania -- Faithful Jaguars fans are making their way to Pittsburgh for the playoff game Sunday, and First Coast News is there to bring you all the action on and off the field.

First Coast News Anchor Heather Crawford, Sports Director Chris Porter, Sports Anchor Alyssa Lang and Photojournalist Matt Head met a Jacksonville fan on the plane to Pittsburgh Thursday who said there was no way she would miss this big game.

“I went to the game Sunday, of course, and it was the loudest the stadium has been since 1997 or 1998 and on our car ride home a girlfriend calls and says we’re going to Pittsburgh, and I was like we’re going to Pittsburgh,” Shannon Killen said.

Killen was decked out in her Jaguars attire and said she will be wearing it the whole time she’s in the Steel City. She packed a lot of layers because temperatures game day are expected to be in the teens and single digits.

“Who stops, drops and rolls and brings everything they’ve ever skied in in one back, and everything says Jaguars," she said. "In my bag right now everything says Jaguars.”

Killen has been a season ticket holder since the beginning and she is ready to cheer the Jaguars on all the way to the Super Bowl.

“I said if they go, we’re going all the way!," she said.