Jaguars cornerbacks Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye have built a strong bond in less than a year.

The pair was inseparable during last week's Pro Bowl practices in Lake Buena Vista. Surrounded by the best players in the league, the duo spent most of the time between practice reps chatting with each other.

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Considered the best cornerback duo in the league, their working relationship has led to a budding friendship off the field.

"We hang out, he’s younger than me but some people don’t realize that because of how big he is and because of the way he acts sometimes," Bouye said following Pro Bowl practice Thursday.

"He’s a good person, he works for everything he’s got and I just have a lot of respect for him.”

The respect is mutual. Throughout the season, Ramsey was quick to praise his cornerback co-pilot at every turn.

Both players want to be the best at their position. They also want to support each other in every way possible.

The combination of gamesmanship and partnership helped improve both players' performances last season.

“Our bond is tough because we always want to make plays and compete against each other,” Bouye said. “People don’t know that but we really appreciate that because it makes us better"

Ramsey and Bouye have very different personalities.

Ramsey is the more rambunctious member of the duo. Bouye is the more reserved, cerebral cornerback.

Still, both share the same ideals.

“He’s a hard worker, he loves his teammates,” Bouye said. “People look at him like he’s an individual but he really loves his teammates and all he really wants to do is win.”

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