>>>REWIND to what I said in September:

"This is my 10th year covering the Jags and this is the first time at the start of the season, not just saying we're Super Bowl contenders, but believing we're Super Bowl contenders and I'm not alone. A lot of folks back in DUUUVAL have that same confidence, that same belief - we believe we'll be in Atlanta."

That was me back in September and yes, I know for a fact it was you too.

Everywhere I went during the offseason and the preseason everybody was drinking the Jaguars Kool Aid.

The first quarter of the season, our beloved Jacksonville Jaguars were 3-1 and had what many believed at that time was a signature win as they dominated the New England Patriots and Blake Bortles turned in a career day minus Leonard Fournette.

But we were wrong.

Weeks five through 12 proved Blake is who many around the NFL said he was; A quarterback who the Jaguars should not have signed to an extension during the off season.

But all I heard from the Jags top brass during that time was that Blake was more confident than ever before and was in total control of the big cats offense.

They were wrong.

Now with five games remaining in the regular season and sitting at 3-8, currently on a seven game slide, it's clear Blake is who the naysayers thought he was, at best a back up.

Not a starter.

Yes, the Jaguars roster has been depleted by injuries, but Bortles has consistently not delivered in the big or even the small moments.

And now a year too late, at least for fans who were told our team was a Super Bowl contender, we're in the market for a quarterback.

But I'm smart enough to know that all the blame can't be solely placed on Blake.

The defense has not dominated opponents like it did last year, but should it?

It's hard for any defense to be as good or better than the Jags D was in 2017 when the offense is constantly going three and out.

The young receivers. They've been a major disappointment as well, dropping passes and fumbling in critical moments.

So, the question is who is to blame for a team that has no doubt has fallen apart?

Who else should be fired besides Nathaniel Hackett?

If you believe firing Hackett and benching Blake Bortles will fix this broken team, you're dead wrong.