PITTSBURGH, Pa. - For seasons, Jaguars fans have waited patiently for their team to make it to the playoffs. Though they are taking on the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday, one local attorney is making sure the team knows Duval is proudly cheering them on.

“There's been some negative banners flying above the stadium during home games: 'Boycott the NFL,' 'Boycott the Jaguars,' the whole deal," John Phillips said.

"So we kind of wanted to change the narrative and be supportive. The last game of the regular season, we sent a thank you Jaguars and fans banner and then the next week [it's] 'Duuuuvaaal!' because that's our favorite chant right now, right? We won a playoff game with it.”

Thanks to dozens of Jaguars fans chipping in money, $1,500 was raised on a GoFundMe page for a new banner to fly over Heinz Field for two hours before the game.

“It says 'Duuuuvaaal! Go Jaguars. Hashtag Duval til we die (#DTWD). No ads. Just pure fandom,” Phillips said. “It's a positive message. It was meant for fun and it's an outdoor venue so we'll hopefully have a lot of tailgaters see Duval over Pittsburgh.”

For fans like Phillips who aren't able to make it to Pittsburgh, they’re just glad the spirit of Jacksonville will fly high.

“We all have teal fever and it's just another way to support this team," he said. "We didn't do it alone. In fact, I donated $100, so this is the city that's helped create this and that's the beauty of where we are right now. No matter what happened to get us here, we're all on one team.”

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