Following the benching of Blake Bortles during Sunday's game vs. the Houston Texans, Jaguars fans, and maybe the Jaguars' staff, are not sure who is going to start for the Jacksonville when they take on the Philadelphia Eagles in London this Sunday.

Despite who starts for the Jaguars Sunday, the long-term answer at quarterback may not be on the current roster. According to Cris Carter of Fox Sports 1, the next quarterback for the Jaguars may not even currently be on a football team.

"Swallow your pride, pick up the phone, and call [Colin Kaepernick]," Carter said on First Things First.

"And I just believe, right now in the season, I believe he could make a difference on that football team," Carter continued. "They got a quarterback problem, and when you have a quarterback problem you have a team problem."

The former Minnesota Vikings receiver added that not signing Kaepernick in the first place was a mistake, saying the Jaguars talked to him but refused to sign him strictly as a political decision.

Carter also pointed out the way Kaepernick won in San Francisco was in the same fashion and with the same team makeup that the Jaguars have established in Jacksonville.