JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The curious case of Myles Jack's role in the Jaguars defense became even more confusing on Sunday following the team's Week 1 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

The second round pick was regulated to special teams work. He was unable to strut his stuff as a defender.

The anticipation for his evolvement in the defense and what position he will inevitably play has not impacted the Jaguars coaching staff. However, head coach Gus Bradley and defensive coordinator Todd Wash are looking forward to seeing the young linebacker in action.

“I think with Myles, he is learning both positions now with the MIKE and WILL," Bradley said on Monday.

"We really got him at the WILL linebacker spot in the Atlanta game, the last preseason game. We are trying to do everything we can to speed this process up to see where he is at. I think the mental side of the game – this was a tough game mentally, going into it. I think where he understands the football 501 part is going to be big. He has made great strides now."

Jack is learning both the weakside and the middle linebacker positions, a tough task for a rookie who missed half of the summer due to NCAA rules. Still, he has shown an understanding regarding his playing time and current role with the team.

“Yeah, phenomenal attitude," Wash said. "He is a great worker on the field, off the field in the classroom. We are excited about him.”

Wash admitted that the team considered playing him on defense as early as the Packers game, but the opportunity never came into fruition.

“We thought about getting him in at one point in time and then some things started to happen," Wash said.

"We are still in the process of figuring exactly where he fits in and all that. He has done a great job. Today he was really focused at the walk-thru and executing. He knows there is a process to all this. We go along throughout the whole week to see where he is at and see where we can get him in.”

Despite missing out against Green Bay, Jack still could be poised for playing time in the early stages of the season. Wash acknowledged on Wednesday that Jack's time on the sideline will be based on the weekly game plan, an ever-evolving process for the coaching staff.

“It just depends on what we are going to do within our package," Wash said.

"We will figure that out as we go through the week here to figure out where our best matchups are and if Myles is the guy that gives us the best opportunity then obviously we have to get Myles on the field.”

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