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'That thing is slick:' NASCAR fan's modified school bus turning heads in RV City

Eric Patch bought the bus for $1,900 on Craigslist. He and his friends have visited several speedways around the country.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — RV City is all about the RVs.

But, when a big white school bus with a roof deck appears, people naturally do a double-take.

"I've probably seen a few like that, but they're always a little different they're some that have polls on them the paint jobs on them are always entertaining you never know what they're going to come up with," NASCAR fan, Christine Osburne, said.

Osburne has her RV parked across the way from Eric Patch's white school bus. 

"Put $1,900 into, it bought an old school bus and here she is," Patch said. 

"Found it on Craigslist, there was a guy up in Maine he had a whole lot of them so I drove up there saw it and had cash in hand he said take it," he added. 

Credit: Andrew Badillo
Eric Patch on his custom roof deck.

Since buying the old bus a few years ago Patch has put some more money into the old pile of scraps. 

He's built bunk beds, tables, a toilet, shower and fridge. Creating the ultimate destination in RV City. 

"People are great down here you don't get that when you're in the stands it's get a ticket get in the gate and sit there you don't meet your neighbors because it's always loud," Patch said. 

Patch and his friends would much rather watch the Great American Race from the roof deck on top of the bus. It may be the best view in the infield.

"Usually they (fans) ask if they can climb up and take a look I had a guy come over last night and he said man that thing is slick back in the 80s that thing would have been the La Tee Da. And I was like man maybe that's the name of it, so maybe I'll have to call it that," Patch said. 

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