PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.- Tim Tebow's NFL career was a short one with only a handful of starts and one glorious playoff victory. His pro baseball career may never get beyond the low-level of the minors in the New York Mets system. But a single answer to a question during a 15-minute press conference at Spring Training shows why the Florida Gators Heisman Trophy winner and Jacksonville-bred Tebow is one of the most transcendent athletes of our generation.

Tebow was asked about whether his off-the-field activities - including a broadcasting career and numerous charity activities - would hurt his ability to be successful on the field?

His answer...classic Tebow:

"Not at all. I find all of those things help me so much more in playing sports, in playing baseball, than I could possibly imagine because what we do with the Night to Shine and the worldwide prom for people with special needs and seeing lives being changed in 11 countries and really all around the world when you are able to celebrate them and let them know they are special and someone realizes for the first time that they are loved and walk down a red carpet, that can be life changing.

So to be able to be part of that and see that and now be able to take that mindset to a field because so much of handling sports is handling pressure but what pressure do you have if you are 0 for 12 and you are at the plate versus someone that is fighting for their life versus someone that we picked up on the side of the street in Haiti because they are crippled and they are not wanted and they are thrown to the garbage. How do you compare those things?

For me, there is not a comparison and that's why you are able to handle sports as a game because it still is."

Tebow hit .192 in the Arizona Fall League last year, his first taste of baseball since playing for Nease High School. He is expected to start the season in Class A.