CLEVELAND — Walking into Progressive Field, you can hear them. 

"Peanuts! Hot dogs! Beer!"

The soundtrack of the ballpark, game after game, vendors take center stage. 

Normally a solo act, but the Kleinhenz family works as a trio.

Joe Kleinhenz, Joe Kleinhenz and Joe Kleinhenz or grandpa, son and grandson. Three generations of vendors selling the stadium favorites. 

Grandpa Joe started the trend more than 16 seasons ago. Then his son Joey, or known as "margarita man," followed suit. 

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"Five minutes into it, I was like, this is the greatest job I've ever had," said the 38-year-old. 

Finally, his son, Joey, joined the family business two seasons ago. 

"When we see each other people go, 'Oh, Joe! Joe! Oh, Joe!,'" laughed the 63-year-old grandfather. 

But their love for the Indians runs thicker than sugar margaritas that Joey pours nightly out of a special backpack. 

"This is one of my favorite places to be," says Kleinhenz. "Since I was a little kid, he used to bring me to the old stadium." 

A bond by baseball, they continue to share with each other. 

Now, the "margarita man" brings his daughter all while sharing the aisles with this fellow vendor family members. 

"It's awesome!" said Kleinhenz. "It's so much fun. I can't walk one aisle without someone screaming margarita back at me!"