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NFL update with Jaguars Head Physician Dr. Kevin Kaplan

Where do we stand less than 60 days before kickoff? Ben Murphy with Dr. Kevin Kaplan to discuss the league's progress.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The question everyone is asking, will we have football in 2020?

"This is a moving target" Dr. Kevin Kaplan told First Coast Sports in regards to gearing football season up while in a pandemic environment. Is the league going to be ready for a 2020 football season?

"There is somebody that is going to get it, somebody's going to have it. You're right we are not in a bubble. We have to be ready the best way we can if someone has it or someone gets it to quarantine those people."

Dr. Kaplan discusses the league also working with Oakley on a face shield that could be helpful in preventing the spread of COVID-19, but it doesn't come without concerns says the Jaguars Head Physician.

"There's also some concern there in terms of the players and oxygenating and 100 degree heat."

Bottom line Dr. Kaplan says the league doing everything they can to "mitigate risk" but in his words a 2020 season will be "interesting".