Bishop Snyder Head Track and Field Coach Nate Stanley knew it was a big jump.

"I didn't realize how big," he smiled.

It was March 28 in Gainesville. The Florida Relays -- arguably one of the most competitive meets of the high school track and field season. 

It was there that Jalen Chance launched 47 feet, 7 inches into the air in the Triple Jump, instantly becoming the leader across all classes of high school track and field.

Bishop Snyder competes in Class 1A -- the smallest of all classes. 

"When I first heard it, I was surprised. I was just like 'wow!'" the senior stand-out explained. "Something to this day I really can't bask in it as much.

"I know there's still more to come. I know this isn't it."

Although he will continue his jumping career in college at the Division I level, Chance knows that this weekend is it for his high school career. He will compete in four events at the State Meet, including the triple and long jumps.

What's even crazier: Chance didn't start seriously jumping until last year. 

“I saw a couple of my guys – matter of fact, I saw Christian do it – and I thought, ‘that looks fun! So I figured, ‘why not?’" Chance smiled. 

“He came to us as a Scrawny little kid, distance runner," Stanley added. "His freshman year he said ‘oh coach I wanna high jump, too!... but he was primarily that 400, 800 guy, and he just played around with the jumps… midway through last season we started trying triple jump out and that’s’ when we realized ‘oh. You’re no longer a distance runner. You need to be with us full-time.”

Chance's record-setting 47' 7'' triple jump and 24' 4.25'' long jump are Bishop Snyder records, too.

Even crazier, still: no one at his high school had any idea.

“They’re like ‘yeah we saw him on Instagram with a medal or two but we didn’t know he was that good," teammate Aidan Rizk explained. "When he posts something online he just says ‘good week for track’ or something like that. He doesn’t say ‘I’m literally the best triple jumper in the entire state of Florida."

That's because, for Jalen, jumping is just a springboard for something bigger: putting the Cardinals' track program on the map.

“We don’t really name team captains. We just let them evolved and emerge. He was one of those that did," Stanley said. "I already told him he’s leaving this program better than he found it because he embraces that team aspect of it.”

Chance doesn't want to "bask" in the records and accolades. 

"Just being able to do this one last time with the people I love and the people I enjoy – that’s definitely something to bask in.”