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Jaguars Training Camp Day 3: A rookie starting at center? Walker learning defense and Muma's expanded role

Luke Fortner continued to take first team reps at center, Travon Walker talks defensive scheme, and Chad Muma discusses his role in a packed linebacker room.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — For the third straight day, Luke Fortner lined up at center during first team reps at training camp.

It seems like the Jaguars rookie has the upper hand to be named the starting center, but he still has a ways to go before lining up over the ball Week 1. 

"We have a second year quarterback and potentially a rookie center," Taylor said. 

"Those are two guys that are in charge of a lot of the communication and identification process. We're trying to overwhelm them a little bit in walkthroughs and see where they're at and we can go down and talk it through and make sure we're on the same page and see what's best for us." 

While he has no NFL experience, Fortner has the benefit of having played under a pro-style system at the University of Kentucky. 

"I think in my opinion he was fortunate to play under Liam Coen his last year at Kentucky and being exposed to a similar pro-style system if you will," Taylor said.

Whether it's Fortner or Tyler Shatley at center Week 1, the starter will prove he's the better communicator. Which is the biggest requirement Taylor has for center and the entire offensive line. 

"It's going to be a fluid process. The best five works together, you may have a guy that's very talented but he doesn't communicate well and it doesn't help this guys play his best. So you're kind of working through that process," Taylor said. 

Scherff leading the way

Throughout OTAs Brandon Scherff shot down the notion he was the leader of the offensive line. 

The former Washington Commander and five-time pro bowler continually said he needed to earn that respect and take care his game before assuming a leadership role. 

His offensive coordinator thinks he's done all of the above.

"I'm comfortable saying he's the leader in that room, obviously does a great job setting the tone for those guys," Taylor said. "He's a great communicator he's got a good presence about himself, you can kind of feel that edge that he has. I think it's probably going to give the right tackle and the center some comfort knowing I've got this guy next to me working with me."

Walker continuing to learn the defense

Put a brick wall in front of Travon Walker, and he'll find a way to run through it. Power is what drew the Jaguars to the behemoth of man out of the University of Georgia. 

It's the scheme side of the game Walker has had to learn. While it took the No. 1 overall pick time to adjust during OTAs, he feels well ahead of where he was in the spring. 

"I feel like I'm picking up the scheme a lot better than I was during OTAs, not saying I was struggling bad during OTAs it's just different terminology that I had to learn," Walker said.

Walker spent a good portion of Wednesday's camp working on technique with outside linebacker, Josh Allen, and outside linebacker's coach, Bill Shuey. 

The former Bulldog is itching to get to Sunday, when he puts pads on first the first time as a Jaguar. 

"I'm really ready to get into the pads now because I've been out of pads for so long since the National Championship and to finally be able to strike somebody and be physical as I can I'm ready to get back to that," Walker said. 

Where does Muma fit?

Retention can set a rookie down a successful path. A road Chad Muma is on during the early days of his Jaguar career.

"This spring we saw him come in, saw his production in college, and then just the mental part of the game he's playing real fast for a young guy," Jaguars defensive coordinator, Mike Caldwell, said.  

It's high praise from Caldwell, who hasn't revealed much about his defensive unit, and has avoided labeling certain players as Week 1 starters.

The linebacker will most likely roam around the defense appearing in different packages, which he's accustomed to.

"I did something similar in college (Wyoming) when I was kind of roaming around different positions. I don't think that was too difficult. I think the most difficult thing right now probably the heat out here just getting acclimated to that, regardless still going out there they're very similar positions so it's not too bad," Muma said.

Muma's versatility is being tested early on. With Devin Lloyd nursing a hamstring injury, Muma's time to prove he can be just as fast on the field may be here.

"In this linebacker position you just got to be ready at any point anyone of the offense or defense can go down any second so you just got to be ready to roll and so I'm taking advantage of what I can," he added.

Trevor Tracker Day 3:

Credit: Taylor Salman

Day 3 News and Notes

Tyson Campbell Shines:

Tyson Campbell shined during team drills causing two pass breakups, both on passes towards the sideline in which the cornerback located the ball. 

Evan Engram Has a Solid Day:

Dropped passes plagued Evan Engram's career as a New York Giant, Wednesday he made some tremendous catches during team drills. 

Engram caught four balls, including one that was thrown well behind him.  

Fatukasi Riding the Bike: 

Foley Fatukasi joined Devin Lloyd on the sideline's at practice today. The defensive lineman was riding a stationary bike during the early portion of Wednesday's camp. 



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