The Jaguars announced Tuesday that they would discontinue paper tickets and move to stadium-wide mobile ticketing starting this season, and some fans aren't happy.

The reaction by the fanbase has been split, but most of the vocal reaction looks to be negative.

The permanent move to mobile ticketing is on the heels of their successful mobile entry attendance at the Jaguars' home playoff game in January.

Chad Johnson, Jaguars' senior vice president of sales and service said, “The Jaguars and our stadium partners were very pleased with the quick and smooth ingress during our playoff game last season, which featured one of the largest crowds we’ve had in years. Along with the overwhelmingly positive response from fans, we’re confident now is the time to make this transition permanent.”

There's opposition to just about any major move a company makes, especially in sports where fans pour a lot of time, heart, and money into their teams.

So naturally, the move didn't sit well with a lot of fans, who made some noise in protest on Twitter.

One of the issues raised is the value of paper tickets as a collector's item. Jaguars fans refer to the day in July they receive their tickets in the mail as 'Teal Christmas.'

Some have been collecting their tickets since the inception of the franchise.

Another issue fans tend to be raising is the problem of some elderly fans not owning anything more advanced than a flip phone, or fans that just aren't tech-savvy.

Did the Jumbo Shrimp throw shade from next door in this tweet? They tweeted this just two hours after the Jaguars' announcement.

The Jaguars Twitter account was swimming in negative replies, but maybe 'Clint The Wine Guy' is the voice of reason the Jaguars were looking for:

The Jaguars hope the speed of entry and the convenience of easily selling and buying tickets will make fans forget about one of their favorite pastimes.

Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Winning tends to outweigh everything, and that's what the Jaguars look like they'll continue to do.