Brittney Rayfield is a two sport athlete from the Bolles School - she doesn't just play, but stands out in varsity volleyball and softball.

And she is our Athlete of the Year!

She's been playing varsity volleyball since she was in eighth grade and was named Female Athlete of the Year while at Bolles.

She works even harder in the classroom than on the court or field. She says her grades come first and also even volunteers in her free time to coach kids between the ages of 8 to 15.

Brittney keeps so busy because she says there's no place she'd rather be than in the heart of the action.

"I love volleyball, I'm a very passionate and emotional player, that's always how I've been," she said. "I'm always like the one to say 'give me the ball' I'm a pitcher and an outside hitter so I get most of the balls."

"To see her excel in two sports is really the dream of any coach," said Allison Denmark, Dean of Students and Interim Head Volleyball Coach at Bolles. "She set a goal and she worked hard and she achieved it and I'm really proud of her for that."

Brittney was selected as a member of the All-First Coast softball team for the past three years.

She was also selected to play in this year's 2016 FACA All-Star Softball classic.

Congratulations again Brittney for being voted our 2016 Athlete of the Year!