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Athlete of the Week: Christian Gibson

4.0 Student-Athlete is a leader for Ribault's boys soccer team

Soccer is Christian Gibson's "outlet."

"It's fun. It's why we do what we do," the Ribault senior explained at a recent practice. "[It's important] to have fun outside of school."

"Life is stressful. Everybody needs something they can find a getaway in," Gibson's coach, Trey Brown, added. "Soccer was my getaway and that's why I'm grateful to coach guys like Christian that view it as an outlet as well."

And Gibson is one of the busier high school seniors you'll find: in addition to playing soccer, football and track, Gibson is taking classes solely at FSCJ during his final semester of high school. Yet he still comes back each day for practice -- while keeping a constant line of communication open with his coaches and teammates.

"And I don't have to force him. He's one of my guys who will contact coach before practice, 'hey Coach. I got something to do. I might be a little bit late.' The communication he has is way beyond his years," Brown said. 

"With soccer, you have to work with your teammates in order to score a goal -- and that's the fun part: trying to score with your teammates," Gibson said. "And you're also creating that bond together while you're on the field together."

Gibson will head to Florida State this fall to study mechanical engineering, but not before leaving a legacy on Ribault's growing soccer program.

"I think Chris' legacy will be that we're building a brotherhood -- and he was one of the 'big brothers' everyone could come to and talk to," Brown explained. "No matter what your problem is, we're a family out here before we're a team."