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Hall of Famer, beloved Jaguar, Tony Boselli jumps back in history to pick Jags over Chiefs

Tony Boselli takes us back in Jaguar history to make his score prediction for the game between the Jaguars and the Chiefs.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — He's the first Jaguar ever to be elected into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, beloved Jaguar, #71, Tony Boselli.

Of course, Boselli doesn't have a crystal ball to know the outcome of the Jaguars vs Chiefs game, but he says, "Oh, I could make it up. I'd like the score... of ... 30-27."

Why those exact numbers?

That was the score on Dec. 28, 1996, the first playoff victory in franchise history for the Jaguars. The Jaguars beat the Bills on their home field.

Boselli played in that game; he still has a game ball from that day.

"It was a big moment for all of us...from being an expansion team to playing the Buffalo Bills," who'd already made several Super Bowl appearances, he says. 

Boselli says, "We're still ---and I take pride in this ---the only team to beat Buffalo in Buffalo during the playoffs." 

If the Jaguars beat the Chiefs, it's possible they could go to Buffalo to take on the Bills. The winner would go to the Super Bowl.

Boselli says he's feeling one strong emotion: happiness.  

He says, "I'm happy for the organization because I really like this team because they're a good bunch of guys."

He goes on to explain, "They work hard, and they respect the game."

Boselli's wife, Angi, says, "The Jaguars are a vehicle of joy and celebration and unity and fun." 

She's thrilled to see the young team give such a boost to the community.

Boselli believes this season will be the beginning of a long, successful run for the Jaguars, especially under the coaching of Doug Pederson and leadership of Shahid Khan, Jaguars owner.

Credit: First Coast News
Credit: First Coast News Tony & Angi Boselli with anchor Jeannie Blaylock

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