Hall of Fame NFL kicker Nick Lowery is no stranger to the New England Patriots. In fact, they signed him in 1978, launching his professional football career. He said he has the confidence they will take the win in this Super Bowl, but he said it will be a nail biter until the end.

“I say 30 to 26, Patriots over the Rams as my prediction,” said Lowery.

In his career, Lowery went on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs for 13 years, becoming their all-time leading scorer, Man of the Year and Hall of Famer, among dozens of other honors.

He concluded his career playing for the Jets. It was his final year in 1996 when, at the time, he kicked the all-time record for most field goals of any team while playing against the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

“That was a heck of a stadium, with great fans, a lot of intensity," he remembered. "For a new culture, I felt like, 'Wow, this is serious stuff, they are serious about their football here,' and that team did really well in Jacksonville in just a short period of time.”

Lowery, nicknamed “Nick the Kick,” said the current Jaguars’ team is still impressive, but he recommends an attitude change.

“The team wasn’t unified this year, they were the most unified team last year," Lowery said. "When you’re not unified, you can have all the talent in the world but you can’t win, especially in football. It’s a team sport.”

You also can’t win without a great kicker, as he knows too well.

“In both the NFC and AFC games this year, both were a last-second field goal,” he said.

Lowery believes Tom Brady is going to be the dominant quarterback in the 2019 Super Bowl.

“I just can’t bet against the Patriots," Lowery said. "I played with them for a few games, everyone hates them just because they’re so good."

But as a loyal Chief, he also had strong praise for quarterback star Patrick Mahomes, who he predicts will be a major factor, even for Brady, for years to come. He describes Mahomes as the Steph Curry of the NFL.

“Patrick Mahomes is the single most talented quarterback in the history of the National Football League,” Lowery said.

Above talent, he said giving back and being a positive role model is crucial.

Advice he tries to live out.