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NBC Sports golf coverage led by longtime producer duo

Tommy Roy and Tom Randolph have been producing NBC's golf coverage together for over 30 years.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — Imagine covering roughly 70 players in 18 different locations for hours without any breaks. 

NBC Sports has mastered the art of being a million places at once and has captured some of the most memorable moments in golf history at THE PLAYERS. 

"By the time Tiger was winning we were really rocking and rolling with this thing," NBC Sports Golf producer, Tommy Roy, said. 

Roy and his team produce hours of coverage using 63 cameras. 

"You know you produce other sports baseball, football, basketball, they take a timeout they stop playing here when we go to commercial, they keep playing," Roy said. 

What you see on TV is created in the NBC broadcast truck. Inside is a wall of TV monitors with colors and code names that would turn any person's brain into a pretzel. 

But not Roy. 

"Being in the truck is like a second home," he said. 

"I think I'm addicted to adrenaline, and I get a huge adrenaline rush when I hear 3,2,1 you're on the air."

To pull off an award-winning broadcast you need a great team. 

"Tom Randolph sits here this is his position," Roy said pointing to the seat behind his. 

"We call him rain man because he knows everything that's happening out on the golf course at the same time, he's on the headset with the spotters out there he is absolutely amazing," he said. 

"I could watch three games on TV play cards have two different conversations and you know that's how my mind works," Randolph, Roy's co-producer, said. 

Roy and Randolph have been working together for the last 30-plus years.

"We basically have a sixth sense on the wavelength, but we all work together like Joe Martin the director to we're all on the wavelength of what we're doing," Randolph said. 

Anything can happen at THE PLAYERS; an inconsequential shot could become an all-time moment.

It's all brought to television by Roy, Randolph, and the NBC Sports Golf team.



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