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You can try curling in Jacksonville

If you thought curling was only for Northern states, you'd be wrong.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There's something about curling that has grabbed the nation’s attention.

"We make sure we record it during the Olympics, even if it is 2 a.m. and we scream and yell at the TV, we are way into it," tells Stephanie Wyatt. 

 A love of the sport that has spread to her son, 11-year-old Bradley Wyatt.

"I’m sad USA didn’t win, but it was very interesting," he says with a smile.

The Jacksonville Granite Curling Club has seen big growth since its inception in 2018. In addition to competing, the club also holds clinics that let people try the sport for the first time.

Tom Merrett founded the curling club and says anyone can curl. No matter their age or disability.

"Knees, hips or back problems, but can still stand up – we have stick curling. So there is an option for everybody," he says.  Wheelchair curling is also available as an option as well. 

He hopes that giving people a chance to try the sport will keep that spark of interest burning.

 "Always wanted to try curling, I love watching it on the Olympics," tells Mike Malko as he waits for his turn.

Merrett says he would love to see the club grow to include a league for young people, like Bradley.

"I love it, but it is hard to balance," tells Bradley as he sets up for his next shot. 

Merrett says the biggest challenge has been getting ice time to hold clinics, but he hopes as the sport grows, more sponsors will come and the popularity of the winter sport will continue to grow in the Sunshine State.

"Come out and try it, you will see there is a lot more to it," he says.

For more on the Jacksonville Granite Curling Club, visit their website at www.JaxCurling.org 

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