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UPDATE: Police report gives disturbing details in arrest of former UF Gator in kidnapping case

Justin Watkins became angry when he saw another UF football player liking the unnamed female's Instagram pictures, according to a police report obtained by First Coast News on Friday

New documents released Friday by the University of Florida Police Department reveal disturbing details about the allegations surrounding former football player Justin Watkin’s most recent arrest.

Watkins, a freshman, was kicked off the team after being arrested on two misdemeanor counts of battery causing bodily harm and two third-degree felonies — false imprisonment of an adult and domestic battery by strangulation, according to court records.

Watkins has entered a written plea of not guilty, according to court records. The incident happened on July 20.

According to the incident report, obtained by First Coast News, an 18-year-old female told police Watkins punched her repeatedly, threw and chocked her and held her against her will.

Watkins allegedly became angry when, according to the report, he saw another football player liking the unnamed female’s Instagram pictures. The victim says she told Watkins she had never met the other player in person, but he didn’t believe her.

According to the report, Watkins called the other player via FaceTime, and asked him if he had met the victim. The other player said no. The report states that Watkins responded, “If you don’t tell the truth, I’ll kill her.”

According to the report, Watkins threw the phone down, and pinned [redacted] to the bed again. He began to choke [redacted] with both hands from a mounted position with his legs on either side of her waist. Watkins was on top, [redacted] laying on her back. According to [redacted] Watkins was aware [redacted] had asthma. He strangled her with two clasped hands around her throat cutting off her airway for about 15 seconds. He then paused, and continued strangling her for about 8 seconds, paused again, and then about 8 more seconds. Watkins got off of her and said “get out.” [redacted] wanted to leave, but Watkins was blocking the doorway preventing her exit, the report says.

She told police she was able to escape after she found a can of mace in her bag and sprayed Watkins. The report says Watkins believed the victim was pregnant.

"Watkins then cased her out the door and down the stairs, and he threw a hard wooden brush at [redacted's] left hand, causing a bloody mark and pain, as well as a container of hair grease at her hands, causing bleeding and swelling," the report said.

The victim did not wish to report this case immediately due to Watkins football status and source of family income being jeopardized, according to the incident report.

The report says photographs of her injuries, which were taken three days after the incident showed marks on her abdomen and hands which were consistent with her statement.

When police interviewed Watkins, they noticed multiple changes in his story and some instances that "totally matched" up to the [redacted]'s statement, according to the report. "Watkins first said he barely knew [redacted]. Then he said he knew her but they were not dating. Then he said they use to date in high school..."

This was Watkins second arrest in three months. He was previously arrested for kicking in a woman’s car and breaking her cellphone during an argument, according to reports. He was charged with trespassing on a high school.

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