JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp have just officially unveiled their new name and logo Wednesday morning and a petition has already started circling the internet.

The Change.org page states, "The Jacksonville Suns have been an institution here in Jacksonville since 1962. The name and iconic theme song are as much as part of Jacksonville as the St. Johns River and the Jaguars."

Suns changing name to Jumbo Shrimp

They have already received 1,268 signatures as of 11:30am.

“This is a high-energy, impactful, bold move,” Babby said Tuesday. “There’s certainly risk that goes along with it. There’ll be feedback and, I’m sure, some resistance. We’ve been holding on to this for a while and look forward to sharing it with the community. The tradition of the Jacksonville Suns is entrenched in Northeast Florida. It’s been known and loved. The passion for minor-league baseball in Jacksonville doesn’t change [with a new team name]. It’s just a new chapter in its evolution.”

Changing the name of Suns to Jumbo Shrimp follows the Babby blueprint of what he did with his Akron franchise. After he purchased the Akron Aeros in late 2012, he changed the name to RubberDucks for the 2014 season, a move that coincided with a 27 percent jump in attendance over a three-year period. The RubberDucks won the 2016 Eastern League championship.

Click here for the Change.org page.